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We love the card game Anomia (and its sister word game, Duple), but they don’t work well for kids. On part two of our small games episode we play two short but sweet games that couldn't be more different, Anomia and Skull.Subscribe to our YouTube channel! Anomia – “the game where common knowledge becomes uncommonly fun!”. This is an exciting and fast-paced trivia/word game that keeps everyone involved at all times.

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Ordglapp (Anomia). 2 Ordglapp (Anomia) · 199,00 kr *. slut hos leverantör/tillverkare - kan ej levereras. Meddela om tillgänglighet. Skicka mig ett  Apr 7, 2012 - Anomia: the game where common knowledge becomes uncommonly fun!

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Anomia game

2019-01-30 · anomia [uh-No-mee-uh] – noun – 1) A problem with word finding or recall. 2) Chaos. 3) The game where common knowledge becomes uncommonly fun!

Draw a card and flip it over.

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